Welcome to PLAY! Create a unique sustainable local public outdoor environment for your organization!


Get a feel for what WALLSTREET Stockholm GAMES is about through a greeting from Katarina Wåhlin Alm, director of urban development in Nacka municipality.

When everyone is a winner!


  • You are responsible for property or sustainability in a municipality or a real estate company!
  • You want to make a difference by making your local environment more sustainable, safe and inspiring!
  • You want to be at the forefront when it comes to social sustainability and be an ideal employer


WALLSTREET Stockholm invites you to a program where we work together in a creative way with the unique opportunities in your organization’s immediate environment. Inspired by research, artists and each other we increase our understanding of how a sustainable local environment, that is both inspiring and safe, affects employees, customers, partners and society!

We explore art as a driving force to improve the boring “spaces” in your specific outdoor environment. We support each other to form an initial concept idea. In collaboration with artists and art students, we learn how to realize concept ideas in a sustainable way according to the SDGs of Agenda 2030.


  • 1 / WORKIN(ART)
  • 2 / PEPP AW
  • 3 / ACTION

1/ Time: to be announced

2/ Time: to be announced

3/ Q3-Q4 Those organizations that choose to make reality of their concept idea are invited to participate in step 3. Artists are here given the opportunity to ”pitch” on the concept ideas. The artwork itself and the creation of the artwork must comply with the SDGs of Agenda 2030.


  • SEK 10 000 + vat for WORKIN(ART) and PEPP AW
  • SEK 8 000 + vat if you choose to participate in artist ”pitch” process – ACTION. Financing of the manifestation of the physical art installation will vary. It is up to each organization to set the budget.
  • The need for a safe and inspiring local environment is increasing in a time when our society is threatened by war, pandemics and climate change.
  • Art is the forth pillar of sustainability – important and valuable enough to be seen as its own separate aspect of the whole. Giving art this position as a heavy parameter in the development of our society is a fast way forward to a better future.
  • It is only through DOING things in practical terms we can truly realizethe full potential of sustainability and innovation. Only thinking and talking about action takes us nowhere.
  • Co-creation with others and artists in structured and creative workin(art)s will boost each organization’s capability towards increased sustainability and pace of innovation.
  • Art can act as an eye opener and help us to think differently. Cross sectorial and cross disciplinary meetings makes people think in new and critical ways – go beyond boundaries.
  • Art can stimulate, provoke and initiate new emotions which are all very relevant if we want to widen our mindset on crucial topics such as sustainability.


Want to know more? Welcome to send an e-mail to fredrika@wallstreetfestival.se


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