WALLSTREEY festival is a journey, where the way to the goal is as important as the goal itself. To participate in the festival, you buy in with a "Ticket". There are different types of Tickets depending on the type of partner you are. Ticket pays for overall project management, consulting and joint communication, and/or provides various commercial rights.

Gold Ticket

Aimed at MAIN PARTNERS - municipalities and companies in Greater Stockholm - who participate by financing art on or at their own properties.

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Rainbow Ticket

Aimed at citizens and travelers who want to take part in the festival's diversity of different events at a good package price.

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Diamond Ticket

Aimed at GLOBAL PARTNERS who are interested in partnership for the global arena

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School Free

Aimed at those who work with some type of educational activity, such as school, preschool, cultural school or leisure activities.

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Support Ticket

Aimed at OFFICIAL SUPPLIERS and INTEREST ORGANIZATIONS that contribute with good prices on goods and services of high value.

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