ALREADY EXISTING ART & NEW MINIATURE ART we are always looking for proposals

Are you a professional artist and have ready made public art in your studio or in storage? Or do you have new ideas for *miniature art? WALLSTREET CALLING might be for you. Apply to be a part of our “BANK of WALLSTREET” (our bank with public art ready to be produced and/or placed). We are looking for:

  • Already existing public art of all sizes (should be available for sale och rent)
  • New ideas for *miniature public art

We are looking for temporary and permanent works in all kinds and artistic expressions within the field of sculpture and installations. All works must cope with the outdoor environment as WALLSTREET is an outdoor festival. We will show a total of up to 1000 pieces of public art during the art festival WALLSTREET 2025 – sculptures, temporary architecture, *miniature art, murals, etc. – of which up half of that amount are expected to be added via this call. Some of the works are intended for a sculpture parks in different places in Sweden. Some of the works may become permanent after the festival.

* By miniature public art we mean works of art in the order of about 10 x 10 x 10 cm, for example “Fountain” by Magnus Thierfielders or “Mushotellet” by Anonymous or “Politicians discussing global warming” by Isaac Cordal.


The climate crisis affects our entire society, which affects not only our lives but also how our future is shaped and changed. For WALLSTREET festival, we therefore first and foremost want to scan Europe for already existing art. In the same spirit, we are also looking for new great ideas for miniature art.

Instead of trying to squeeze WALLSTREET into the traditional art festival form, we are interested in following urban art into a new era – after the pandemic and in the midst of a global climate crisis. The proposals must have a high artistic quality and preferably challenge the expressions that art in our common public spaces can take – and not least how they come about.


  1. Artists submit an expression of interest by filling in the form further down the page.
  2. The festival’s art council assesses received existing artworks and new proposals for miniatures
  3. Together with the festival’s current art consultants, the council selects works and matches them with the partners who co-finance the festival and the places that are relevant for art within the framework of the festival.
  4. The works of art that are matched with partner and place are intended to be shown temporarily during the festival. Exhibition compensation is paid to the artist.
  5. Some of the temporary artworks may become permanent after the festival. Additional compensation is then paid to the artists whose work is made permanent (not all, not a guarantee).

Received proposals are of course handled with confidentiality and as intellectual property of the artist.


  • WALLSTREET and partners pay exhibition compensation to the artist and shipping costs for existing public art accepted to the festival at a total of between EURO 1000 – 5000 per work of art depending on materials, renovation needs etc.
  • WALLSTREET and partners pay exhibition compensation, production costs, shipping costs and for new production of miniature art accepted to the festival. In total between EURO 2000-5000 per miniature.
  • Detailed budget is decided in dialogue with the artist


Professional artists can submit an expression of interest anytime from now until 31:th of December 2024. Artists can participate individually or in groups of several. The chance of being a part of the festival increases the sooner we have your application since that gives us more time to find a match regarding place and partner. In order for the registration of interest to be valid, WALLSTREETs web form must be filled in and a pdf uploaded according to the info below (requirements).

  1. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Upload 1 (one) pdf in A4 format of a total of a maximum of 5 pages and 20 MB which includes:
    a) picture and description of your existing work and thoughts on how you see it best placed (requirements)
    b) description of 1 reference project (requirement),
    c) CV of a maximum of 1 page (requirements)
    d) idea for new miniature art with a maximum of 2 pictures / sketch / text (optional)


  • High artistic quality
  • Relevance in relation to current societal issues and the opportunities and challenges they bring
  • Innovative approach to contemporary and temporary art projects
  • How well the artwork relates to the chosen platform, the surrounding place or the problems it is about
  • Potential to engage both a wider and professional audience
  • Practical and economical feasibility


  • Chairman: To be announced
  • Commissioner: To be announced
  • Commissioner: To be announced
  • Commissioner: To be announced
  • Commissioner: To be announced


  1. Application is already open and closes 31:th of December 2024
  2. 31 of December 2024: Last day of application
  3. Ongoing from now until January 2025: The Arts Council decides on the artworks and proposals that may be relevant for the festival
  4. January-March 2025: Work with matching artworks with location and funding party including decisions on which works will be included in the festival
  5. April-May 2025: Planning, adjustments and transports
  6. May-June 2025: Placement
  7. June-August 2025: Festival months with temporary sculpture promenades etc

Fredrika Friberg, festival admiral

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