Rainbow Ticket

Aimed at citizens and travelers who want to take part in the festival's diversity of different events at a good package price.

You get this with a Rainbow Ticket

RAINBOW Ticket is a combination ticket for you who want to take part in the festival’s diversity of different events at an extra good price. You get five different events for the price of three. Alternatively, you will be able to buy individual tickets for individual events (single ticket). Some events will also be free where Ticket is not needed.

Examples of upcoming events

"Artist Talk"

Meet an artist and hear him/her talk about his/her art.

Guided bus tour

Take a tour with the guide bus and hear the guide tell you about the different works of art.

Researchers tell

WALLSTREET Stockholm collaborates closely with research. Attend a lecture and hear interesting perspectives on sustainability and art.


What would you like to see at the festival? Email us your suggestion!

Upcoming events